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Planning and Government Permissions

Golf Course Environmental Impact Assessment
Increasingly the environmental impact of a new golf course development must be understood before the construction work can begin and many developments cannot gain government approval without a full Environmental Impact Assessment or EIA.

The EIA involves gathering a wide variety of data on the existing site e.g. the existing ecology, archaeology, access roads, hydrology and landscape character and visibility, which may be required by the government planning authorities before permission is granted for construction to go ahead.

As Our approach to golf course design is orientated towards habitat creation and conservation of wildlife, we see the environmental impact assessment as a necessary part of the golf course planning and golf course process.

Environmental Surveys
Through our associates, we can provide the golf course survey and other related golf course plans including ecology, soils, hydrology, geology, botany, and archaeology which are just some of the information required to carry out a thorough golf course design.