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Frequently Asked Questions

How much area do you require to construct a golf course?
The general guidelines for the minimum area requirement of standard golf facilities follow: Pitch and Putt course 6-11 ha (hectare) a 9 hole full size course 20-30ha, a full size 18 hole standard course 50 ha and 18 hole championship course 70ha (note: 1 hectare = 10,000m2 or 2.471 acres)
How much does it cost to construct an 18 hole golf course?
There is no set cost to construct a golf course and much depends on the type of land available, the local cost of labour and machinery and the standard of golf course required. In the UK a new standard 18 hole course can be constructed for as little as £600,000 and upwards however a championship course would cost at least £3.0 million.
Where is the best location to build a golf course?
There are no set rules or formulas for success however good market research is recommended to give the client the best chance of a successful course. The golf course architect can also provide recommendations on the quality of the land and it is advisable to undertake a feasibility survey into the physical potential of the land to create a good golf course.
How do you become a golf course architect?
There is no one route to become a golf course architect, for example some are trained as architects or others may have been acomplished golf professionals, however the European Institute For Golf Course Architects www.eigca.org is the best place to find out more about current courses in order to undertake training towards qualifications as a golf course architect. Ideally you will need a degree or equivalent in say the life sciences or design and then when qualified you are entitled to become a graduate of EIGCA.
Do you require any other consultants to design the golf course?
Yes two other consultants are essential on large new projects, they are the irrigation and agronomy consultants. Modern irrigation systems are very complex and should be carried out by a qualified irrigation consultant. An agronomist can advise on all aspects of grass selection and soil requirements including carrying out all tests on imported materials. Other consultants include engineers if there are any large scale construction features such as retained lakes, roads or bridges and of course architects should be employed for the design of the clubhouse.